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Missionaries of St. Paul Sisters

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The Missionary Congregation of the Sisters of St. Paul

A Brief History


            It was on the 25th May, 1990 that Bishop Charles Bo, SDB – then Bishop of Lashio founded a little Religious Congregation. It was known as "The society of the Sisters of St. Paul". Later we changed the name of our Congregation as “The Missionary Congregation Sisters of    St. Paul.” It had a rather modest beginning – just a handful of dedicated youth-7 girls. Their names are Monica Kyan Shwe Win, Theresa Chui, Catherin Roi Mai, Angela Cing Te, Lucy Ja Bawk, Monica Dong Naw, Agatha Thu Nan. The Motto was: "I Thirst" and the dynamic Charism was: "Ad Gentes."

            Diocese of Lashio has ever been a Mission-oriented Diocese. The preoccupying idea at that time was the Missionary Drive and the enthusiastic spirit of the New Evangelization. Moreover the society was stirred by this message; "The whole Church is missionary and evangelizing. To be a Christian means to be a missionary, to be apostles. It is not enough to discover Christ, but you must bring him to others". (RM 3) The presence of many pagans in this area spurred on these zealous souls to strive all the harder – to spread the Good News and to make Christ better known.

            A distinguishing trait - that essentially defines the true identity of our society - as its very name connotes, is to be above all "Missionary" "Ad Gentes” and in the manner of St. Paul," whose main obsession was to bring the Gospel to places where Christ has not yet been heard of".

            This little society was blessed with a good leadership right from the start. The enthusiasm of the member was great and it caught on fast. Vocations were plentiful. Our Aspirantate was filled to capacity with new recruits flowing in from all over Myanmar. The novitiate was erected at Lashio in our Congregation’s Center compound in 29 June 1993 by our founder Bishop Charles Bo. There were seven girls, who have been admitted to the novitiate on that day. The name of the first novices are Novice Romana, Lucy JaBawk, Theresa Tuak Tial, Maria Ca Thuai, Christine Niang Niang, Maria Nge Nge, Margaret Key Young .The name of our first novice mistress was Sr. Eugenie Paul; she was the first novice mistress as well as our first general superior.  Indeed in these very first years the young congregation was blessed with (7) sisters, who made their first Profession on 29, June, 1994 on the Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul. They were sent to the mission at once to two communities, which located in Lashio diocese, block (7) and Hsenwi. There they look after nursery school and boarding students, most of the children were from poor families and Buddhists. At present, most of the Missionary Congregation of the Sisters of St. Paul do direct evangelization among those who believe in Animism and Buddhism by teaching academic subjects in rural areas, teaching catechism, nursing to the sick, teaching Hygiene in rural areas. We also work at the parishes, for we are invited by the diocesan bishops. We look after the boarding students, nursery, teaching catechism ( especially during summer holiday ), organizing and leading different groups of children order in age,  youth and parents, touring especially in Easter season, in November praying for the souls and  Christmas season. 

In 15 December 2004, the very first seven sisters and other batch of the sisters made their perpetual profession, at St. Francis Assisi Catholic Church, Tamwe Township, Yangon, after six months intensive preparation. Just to make sure their vocation, our founder kept them for ten years as temporary vows members.

            In the year 1996, a big blow came upon our little congregation as our Founder was transferred to the Diocese of Pathein on 25 August 1996, to Archdiocese of Mandalay as Apostolic Administrator on 3 April 2002,  then as Archbishop of Yangon in the year 2003 May 24. So we were completely cut-off from our Founder. Since then the proper guidance, follow-up, accompaniment and solid formation were totally neglected. By the Divine Providence, we could shifted the Mother House and Formation Centre from Lashio to Thanlyin, Yangon Archdiocese in 2005. Ever since then, we are able to get the direct guidance and supervision of our Founder Archbishop Charles Bo. Regarding novitiate, after we reflect and examine for the good of the novices for formation, we find that the most appropriate place would be Pyin Oo Lwin in the Arch- diocese of Mandalay. So, after the concern of our founder Archbishop Charles Bo and also after getting permission from Archbishop Paul Sin Tun Grawng ( the Archbishop of Mandaly

            After 29 years of our foundation, we are 110 professed sisters, 8 novices, 5 postulants, 8 aspirants and 40 students who attending high school, in spite of having so much difficulty have made a great success. We are spread out in (24) Communities in seven Dioceses: Yangon Archdiocese, Lashio Diocese, Pyay Diocese, Pathein Diocese, Myitkyina Diocese, Mandalay Diocese and Hpa-An Diocese. In collaboration with the Local Church, answering the needs of the people of God in small scale, and in solidarity with them, we share the compassionate love of Christ by our simple life-witness.

The formation programs of the Novices, Postulants and Aspirants are given Religious training, English classes, Human Development class, Spirituality class, Music class, handicraft and Religious knowledge. The Novices and Postulants are going out twice a week visiting house to house, listen to the people’s sharing and pray for them.  

The Missionary Congregation of the Sisters of St. Paul’s Congregation was canonically erected Institute of Diocese Right by His Eminence Fernando Card. Filoni and His Archbishop Savio Hon Tai-Fai, on 5 May 2017. 


Our Charism: Our Charism is Ad Gentes; to contact people who have never yet heard of Christ. Indicated in our Constitution No. 20.

Our Motto: “SITIO” (Jn.19:28.) “I THIRST” is our motto, in imitation of St. Paul, who followed the example of Jesus Christ himself in his zeal for souls. Constitution No.32

Vision :  To plant the Church, through untiring preaching of the Gospel, and to the poorest and most neglected. Constitution No. 21. .

 Mission:  Our essential missionary task is to plant the Church, through patient preaching of the Gospel. It offers us an ample field of work, living and suffering together with the people.  We are ever ready to contact people who have never yet heard of Christ and who do not   know Him well enough and to the poorest and the most neglected. For the sake of the Gospel our style of relating to others is open and cordial: always ready to make the first advance, and to receive people with kindness, respect and loving patience.

Our Apostolate or Value

-          Tireless Zeal and preaching are our lifelong work.

-          Our priority of places is to those places where the Church has not yet been planted, and to the poorest and the most neglected. Solidarity with the poor.

-          Educating Faith; leading the people to the person of Jesus Christ, the Risen Lord; to encourage everyone to a full, conscious and active participation in the Liturgy.

-          Preaching, Touring , Teaching academic subjects in rural areas,  Teaching Catechism, Nursing, Teaching Hygiene in rural areas.

-          Visiting and caring families and the sick, organize retreats and conduct funeral services where there is no residential priest.

Our Spirituality

-          The Sisters embrace the Pauline missionary spirit. As St. Paul said “Imitate me as I imitate Christ.” The sisters, like St. Paul, are to have a tireless zeal for spreading the Gospel message. They are also to accept fatigue, rejection, and persecution in their mission. ( Const. Chapter II, Art. 31 )

-          As St. Paul tent-maker, while preaching and catechizing we are tried to earn our own living with the skills we have acquired nursing, teaching, swing…. (Const. Chapter II, Art. 22.) 

-          “Sitio” or “I thirst” is given as the motto of our Congregation. (Const. Chapter II, Art. 32) The sisters’ commitment to mission find its model and source in the heart of Christ, who was sent by the Father, and who was on fire with “zeal for His house. “ Reading the Gospel, they become sensitive, like St. Paul, to accept Christ’s personality. They, too are full of gratitude to the divine call to mission. Christ gave himself to all, his zeal in preaching, curing and moving under the urgency of the coming of the Kingdom. His method was the one of the Good Shepherd, he who wins hearts by His gentleness and self-giving. He gathered His disciples and followers into communities of fellowship, love and service. These are the Gospel values which make the spiritual life, and the apostolate of the sisters become alive.

-          Finally, the sisters give a very special importance to their prayer life, which as far as possible should be in community, especially lauds and vespers. They are to be faithful to the daily celebration of the Eucharist, active participation in the liturgy, frequent encounter in the sacrament of penance, at least one hour mental prayer, and spiritual reading each day, adoration, and devotion to Mary our mother, the star of the evangelization to discover ways and means of encouraging the religious in their duty to continue the mission of Jesus. Prayer is the nourishment in their mission.  

General Chapters

-          Our first General Chapter was took in 20-29 August 2007 at the Missionary Sisters of St. Paul  Congregation center, 22/Theikpan Street, OkphosuQrt. Thanlyin, Yangon Division, Myanmar.

-          Our second General Chapter was took in 25-28 March 2014 at the Missionary Sisters of S. Paul Congregation Center, 22/Theikpan street, OkphosuQrt. Thanlyin, Yangon Division, Myanmar.

Description of Religious Habit

-          Novices wear white blouse shirt and sky blue longyi.  White is a symbol of simplicity and sky blue is honesty and loyalty to God.

-          Sisters wear white habit and blue habit. We stich red color around the collar. Again white represent simplicity and sky blue represent honest and loyalty to God. Red stich represent that we are ready to go to the frontier mission like St. Paul to spread the Good News.

-          The sisters and novices wear the crucifix around the neck. Reminding ourselves Christ die for us and for the whole world.

-          The sisters wear a ring made out of silver after perpetual profession.


Development of the communities in Dioceses


Name of the Diocese

Opening Year

Number of Mission Communities































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Motto                  - iga&iwfonf/


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၂၂၊ သိပ္ပံလမ်း

အုပ်ဖိုစု ရပ်ကွက်



ဖုန်း - (၀၅၆) ၂၁၆၉၁/ ၂၂၂၁၇